Cloud, AI, 5G – these are just some of the forces driving change and innovation. While organizations look to these technologies to transform themselves, they also look for the right partner to support them through their transformation journey. Communication Service Providers (CSP) are perfectly positioned to be the partner of choice but must come to grips with their own digital innovations in order to capture the opportunities in front of them.

A CSP’s digital innovation is more than just deploying different technologies to deliver a range of new services – it is also about the increasingly critical role these services play in their customers’ success and the part that security must play - to protect the CSP’s ability to drive innovation through its services as well as to protect its customers. Choosing the right partner to secure their infrastructure, services and customers has never been as critical to their long-term success.

In response to the current global situation, Fast & Secure has transformed itself from the “must attend” in-person event of the year to the “must attend” digital event of the year. The reason for this transformation is easy - the challenge that communication service providers (CSPs) are facing have not gone away or solved itself – choosing digital initiatives to transform their infrastructure, operations and service delivery capabilities.


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